3D Artisan Club

This after school computer club is an exciting introductory experience to building in a 3D environment.  Students have fun while working collaboratively within teams to design and build scientific models, invent and construct architecture, and conceptualize and engineer other standards based designs.  As part of this process, students use computer graphics and basic shapes, such as cubes and spheres, to form common objects and arrange them in a virtual (computer based) empty space. Activities will include brainstorming, researching, 2-D sketching, and 3-D designing.

This club is open to fourth and fifth grade students. Only 20 students will be selected to participate in this club. Permission slips are due to Mrs. Bradley by Monday, October 1st. I'm sorry, but we cannot accept late applications due to the number of applications received.  Please e-mail Mrs. Bradley if you have any questions about our club.