Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mission Statement:
We the students, parents and staff of Sterling Park Elementary commit ourselves to the dream of excellence. We strive to provide opportunities for each child to develop as a responsible, resourceful, contributing member of society who faces life tasks of work, play and friendship with courage and commitment.

Sterling Park Elementary "SOARS"
Shows respect for others
Offers help to others
Always do our best
Show our best manners


Family Technolgy Night

On Thursday, April 10 we will be having Family Technology Night at Sterling Park. Come check out some of the cool projects that students are doing at Sterling Park and see the different technology resources that we use here. Family Technology Night will last from 6:30-8:00.


FCAT 2.0 Fifth Grade Math Test

This year the 5th Grade Math FCAT test will be taken on the computer again. Students took a practice test at school to familiize themselves with the process and format of the computer based test.

There is an online tutorial as well that the students can view to review the test format by clicking on this link.