Dejah Fields

In 6th grade geography students learn the 5 themes of geography and relate them to the following continents; Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and (NewZealand & Oceania). Students will learn reading/learning strategies, text wiseness, and study strategies.

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Class Supply List

2 inch binder

compostion book

3 ring paper

4 black erasable pens

box of pencil

colored pencil or crayons



box of tissue


SOCIAL STUDIES 6HT GRADE GEOGRAPHY MRS. FIELDS 58541 TEXTBOOK- World Studies: Asia, Oceania Africa (publisher: Prentice Hall) 1st nine weeks 1. Textwiseness- objective: learn how use the tools of the text, reading and study Strategies 2. Foundations of Geography (chapters 1-5)  Chapter 1- objectives: learn about the study of the earth and discover 5 ways to look at the earth (themes of geography)  Chapter 2- objectives: learn about forces that shape our earth ( seasons and latitude, climate, weather, landforms)0  Chapter 3- objectives: learn about the earth’s human geography (population, migration, economic and political systems)0  Chapter 4- objectives: learn about the cultures of the world (understanding culture and society and cultural change)  Chapter 5 – objectives: learn how people interact with their environment ( using world’s natural resources) 2nd nine weeks 1. Chapters 6 & 12 – objective; learn about the physical geography and countries of East Asia 2. Chapters 7 & 13 – objective: learn about the physical geography and countries Of South, Southwest, and Central Asia 3. Chapters 8 & 14 – objective: learn about the physical geography and countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region 3rd nine weeks 1. Chapters 9-11- objectives: learn about the culture and history of Asia, learn About the location of Antarctica and why it is called a polar desert and is like A scientific laboratory 4th nine weeks 1. Chapters 15-21- objectives: learn about the countries of Africa ( history, Culture, physical geography, and issues facing Africa today) Expectation for students: Students will come to class with necessary supplies prepared to learn. They will follow the following class rules: Raise your hand Use a quiet voice Leave other people’s things alone Expect to SUCCEED Stay organized and on TASK Upon entering the classroom students will check the front board for assignments and communication from the teacher. They will then copy their assignments in their planners. Next, they will complete the “Daily Board Work” while teacher is taking role. Finally, they will get out their Geography binger and get prepared to work. Planners should be checked by parents nightly after they check completed assignments and also for use of communication between parent and teacher When Test are given: Chapter tests will be given upon completion of chapter. Quizzes will be given periodically when needed. Usually test or quizzes will be given on Fridays. Amount of homework to be expected: Students will be given homework review questions upon completion of a section. Students will be expected to summarize, create graphic organizers or foldables that will assist them in studying the chapters. Homework may be given any day Monday through Friday. There will be no homework on Fridays unless students need to work on a project or study for a test. Students are expected to study their notes daily and turn in one current event article monthly. Projects will be assigned quarterly and can either be cooperative group projects or an individual project.